Brazier-smoker from bricks using their hands could be erected under the supervision of a master or even a specialist knowledgeable in cooker masonry. Here is important: to choose the best construction stuff, to prepare it, to pound the ideal consistency of the mortar. Along with the construction process itself, it’s very important to the smoker to discover an appropriate place on the website, to care for fire safety.

Varieties of layouts

Externally, multifunctional smokehouses differ in proportion, complete, shape and different variables. They resemble a sizable Russian cooker. However, this is just a design. The most important difference between smokers and charcoal grills is precisely in functionality. From this depends on what a structure made of brick can do. The more working areas there’ll be, the broader the menu for cooking food. The following options can be organized in a brick construction:

Smokehouse. The working zone is considered the primary, as for (altro…)

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