Someone that came to the dacha to operate in the garden or merely to rest should have the opportunity to bathe. The ideal method to do this can be really a summer shower installed in your backyard. However, the weather cannot always please the hot times, along with the water just does not have the time during the day to warm up. The remedy to this problem will be a heated summertime getaway for dacha, which lets you carry water procedures in any weather.

Mobile bathtub – the simplest structure of dacha comfort

With a very rare trip to the dacha there’s absolutely no purpose in building a static arrangement for bathing. Within this situation, a mobile shower, bought in the store will help. The product is not difficult to bring in a bag into the cottage, and when leaving to take with you. The simplest garden shower appearance resembles a rubber mat using a foot pump set up indoors. The source of water is almost any container set on the ground. In the pump two hoses: 1 – for the consumption of water, along with another – to feed it into the watering can.

Works portable bathtub out of stomping your feet on the mat. In the pump is a diaphragm, inlet and outlet valve. You measure the mat with one foot – that the inlet valve opens and the diaphragm brings water in the tank to the pump. Stepped on the mat using the other foot – inlet valve closed and outlet valve opened. Water under pressure went into the hose using a watering can. Mobile shower can be used anywhere in the backyardarea. Best of on the yard in the garden.

Tip! As a reservoir to water, then it is convenient to use a plastic jar from a cooler. It immediately upon arrival at the cabin place it in a bright location. During the day the sun warms the waterand in the day you are able to bathe. Making a project of a stationary summer shower to get dacha

To create a static warm bathtub for dacha will want to come up with a project. Don’t be intimidated, there is nothing complex about it. For the simplest structure is going to do a simple plot, drawn by hands on a scrapbook page. The drawing shows all the dimensions of the future shower enclosure.

Usually erecting showers using their own hands with heat, stick to the Typical parameters:

  • The elevation of the cottage – from two to 2.5 m;
  • Twist – 1 m;
  • The depth – 1.2 m.

Sometimes, the thickness and depth of the shower stall may be increased. As an example, for heavy people or in the arrangement of a dressing area. In such situations, the width of the shower cubicle is increased to 1.6 m.

Hint! Dressing room can be coordinated from the anteroom. For this function, close to the shower cubicle set up extra racks, where the tarpaulin is hauled.

Pick a place to put in the shower at the cottage

Install an outdoor shower can be in any corner of their dacha website. There aren’t any special prerequisites for this construction. Thinking sensibly, no one will place a shower stall at the lawn. It’s much better to take action behind the house or in the backyard, because for your shower will need to organize a small drain. It’s desirable to put the stall at a sunny region to organize the pure heating of water in the sun. In order to save construction materials, the shower stall can be attached to any construction on the south side.

In the event the outdoor shower at the cottage is installed as a distinct structure, it is desirable to not remove it in the home. After all, the water tank is much far better to perform with gas heatingsystem, and, therefore, it will have to pull the pipes out of the electrical meter.

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