Do you need to know how to create photo overlays in Adobe Photoshop? In this tutorial, I’ll show you just how you can add a texture overlay in Photoshop. If you want to learn these techniques via video, check out our lesson on the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel: Tutorial Assets You may need the following so as to finish this tutorial: Texture Photo 1. How to Get the Document Step 1 Press Control-O and then select the picture that you need to use. Measure 2 Hit Alt-Control-I and resize the image on 3000 x 2000 px. Step 3 Then, go to File > Place and set the overlay feel above the background layer. Step 4 Generate four duplicates of the texture along with the background by pressing Control-J. Step 5 Sequentially put each feel over each image layer. 2. The Way to Create a Photo Overlay Create each of the layers except the first two Invisible, Then change the Blending Mode of the texture to Multiply. Following that, press on Alt-Shift-Control-B and then hit OK to convert the texture to black and white. Press Alt-Shift-Control-L to include auto-contrast into the texture. To make the image look how to add texture in photoshop – texture x brighter, let us go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Brightness/Contrast and select these settings: Brightness: 65 Contrast: 20 This is how our image will appear after all of the manipulations recorded above: Now, let’s try another blending mode. Create another set of layers visible, and change the Blending Mode of the texture to Screen. Measure 6 Convert the image to black and white by pressing on Alt-Shift-Control-B, as we all did before. Step 7 Hit Control-I to reverse the texture, and then add auto-contrast by pressing on Alt-Shift-Control-L. Measure 8 Let’s create another manner of photo overlay. Make the next set of layers visible, then select the texture coating and change the Blending Mode to Overlay. Measure 9 Convert the texture into black and white, then add auto-contrast to the texture, as we did earlier. Step 10 And for the past few layers, let us create the grunge feel overlay more obvious. Choose the image layer, then go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation and make a new layer with Saturation of all -25. Step 11 After that, change the Blending Mode of the feel to segregate along with the Opacity to 85%

01. Campaign of those YearWinnerIKEA ITALIA RETAILTitle:No Room for ViolenceIn occasion of the International day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, IKEA Italy launched together with the NGO Telefono Donna, the multi-channel campaign”No space for violence” to increase awareness on national abuse during in-store, social media, PR, Public Affairs and digital PR communication actions with enormous benefits concerning engagement and standing. BVG – Berliner VerkehrsbetriebeTitle:BVG x adidas – The Ticket-ShoeAgency:GUD. berlin, Jung von Matt, achtung! Because of Berlin’s underground and anti-establishment civilization, young Berliners hate BVG transit that they don’t buy train tickets when forced to utilize it. How do we alter hate to honor? By decreasing the respect of the hottest underground brand on the planet: adidas. Together with the limited edition BVG x adidas Originals EQT Berlin. A sneaker that’s a yearly ticket. Diageo – SmirnoffTitle:Smirnoff EqualizerAgency:Carat, SpotifyThis is your story of the way Smirnoff, an activist new in songs, also Spotify, the world’s biggest music stage, came together to transform individuals’ listening habits at scale by boosting the number of women musicians they hear. Henning-OlsenTitle:The Polar RaceAgency:NucleusEmployees at Northern ice cream maker Hennig-Olsen Is conducted each other in an epic effort to the South Pole. The Polar Race fostered job satisfaction, improved health and increased productivity, decreased sickness lack thereof and had a Vodafone Romania launches Future Chatbot – Business Review net positive impact on the organization’s bottom line. The job made front pages and 22 reports in national Norwegian media. Visit Faroe IslandsTitle:Faroe Islands TranslateA language dies every 14 days. How do you shield your langugage, once you’re among the smallest nations on earth, and your speech is ignored by Google Translate? You create the world’s first LIVE translation service and telephone it Faroe Islands Translate. Folks simply write what they want translated and a random Faroese volunteer turns about their camera and contrasts. 02. Campaign of the Year (small-budget)WinnerEuropolTitle:EU Many WantedThis EU Most Wanted campaign, launched in the summer season 2017, printed a set of cheeky’wish you were here’ postcards addressed criminals to be able to give them the visibility they want to prevent. Realized totally in house with zero funding, the effort got over 1 million views in 1 week by people from all around Europe and has created a huge crowdsourcing police network. Bistro AgencyTitle:THANK YOU, CZECHSMore of a social experiment with extreme medial effect than a classic effort. We let the folks receiving development aid in the Czech NGO PIN express their gratitude in their native languages and we demonstrated to the public not every thing foreign needs to be automatically harmful. Traditional offline media has come to be a digital campaign launcher. J

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